EASA representation at the ICAO AvSec & CyberSec Week

Vasileios PAPAGEORGIOU • 30 October 2023
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EASA representation at the ICAO AvSec & CyberSec Week


EASA attended the ICAO AvSec and CyberSec Week in Montreal, with a strong delegation from the Cybersecurity in Aviation & Emerging Risks Section. The Aviation Security and Intelligence Expert, Adam Borkowski was part of the panel on “Flight Safety and Security in Turbulent Times: Navigating Conflict Zones”, sharing the EASA activities in the area of Conflict Zones.

From left to right: John Velho, Executive Director, International Aviation, Transport Canada, Adam Borkowski, Aviation Security and Intelligence Expert EASA, Dr. Michael O. Aomo, Ph.D, Manager Air Traffic Services, Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, Abdulla A. Al-Nsour, Director, Civil Aviation Security & Facilitation, Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission (CARC) Jordan, Daniel Vaca, Head of International Security and Contingency, Operations Safety and Security, IATA

The Section Manager of Cybersecurity in Aviation & Emerging Risks Section, Gian Andrea Bandieri contributed to the panel “Harmonizing Risk Management in Safety and Security: towards an Integrated Risk Management?” providing some insights on the interaction of different types of risks in the context of Integrated Risk Management.


The Principal Coordinator in Cybersecurity in Aviation at EASA, Jean-Paul Moreaux presented the general importance of authenticity and integrity of any message exchange in aviation as well as the challenges linked to the development of Electronic Personal Licences (EPL) and digital identities in the context of EASA oversight tasks during the panel “Advancing Aviation Security: Synergy between Digital Identity and Cybersecurity”.


Interested to know more?

The video recordings of the event is available on ICAO TV at the following link AVSEC and CYBERSEC Events - ICAO TV. You may also find each of these videos in the Related Content below.

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