EASA level of involvement in product certification & guidance for cybersecurity

Vasileios PAPAGEORGIOU • 14 July 2023
in community Cybersecurity

Certification Memorandum No.: CM–21.A/21.B-001: Criteria for the determination of the EASA level of involvement in product certification 

Issue 3 of the certification memo introduces specific guidance for cybersecurity




The purpose of the Certification Memorandum is to complement AMC 21.B.100(a) and 21.A.15(b)(6) with additional guidance and examples.

AMC 21.B.100(a) and 21.A.15(b)(6) provide generic acceptable means of compliance. To complement this and in order to support the application of the new concept of proposing and determining the EASA involvement, additional information and panel specific guidance and examples have been established by EASA.

New Attachment 6b provides specific guidance for the determination of EASA's level of involvement related to Cybersecurity.

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