EASA Cybersecurity team in 2023 Aviation Cybersecurity Summit

Vasileios PAPAGEORGIOU • 19 September 2023
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EASA Cybersecurity team in 2023 Aviation Cybersecurity Summit


During September 13-14, EASA had the opportunity to attend the 2023 Aviation Cybersecurity Summit organised by the Aviation Information Sharing and Analysis Center (A-ISAC) in Dublin, Ireland.


The EASA experts of the Cybersecurity in Aviation and Emerging Risks Section had the opportunity to discuss current and future challenges for cybersecurity in aviation with industry leaders, cybersecurity experts, and stakeholders from across the globe.

Gian Andrea Bandieri, Section Manager Cybersecurity in Aviation and Emerging Risks participated in the panel discussion on the evolution of cybersecurity & regulation in aviation, exchanging views on the value of regulations and how those facilitate and support aviation cybersecurity efforts, particularly with regards to harmonisation.


During the panel discussion “Lost in Space: A Journey Into GPS Spoofing Techniques”, Cyrille Rosay, Senior Expert in Cyber Security in Aviation presented the context, occurrences and contemporary challenges as well as next steps and key takeaways concerning GNSS in Europe under this perspective.

From left to right: Cyrille Rosay - Senior Expert, Cyber Security in Aviation at EASA, Royce Holden - CISO at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and Siddharth Gejji - Senior Manager, FAA Office of Information Systems

In addition to those panel discussions, Gian Andrea Bandieri, provided in a dedicated breakout session a detailed presentation on the AMC/GM of Part-IS, attempting a deep dive on the recently published material that accompanies the PART-IS regulatory package. In case you also wish to take a deeper dive to the Part-IS AMC and GM, you may find the presentation attached in the end of this post.


The 2023 Aviation Cybersecurity Summit organised by A-ISAC allowed EASA to showcase the progress that has been made so far in regards to safeguarding aviation in Europe and provided a great opportunity to exchange insights, collaborate, and address the pressing challenges in this domain with other experts and stakeholders from around the globe.

Are you interested to know more about information sharing and in particular about the information sharing initiatives of EASA? Click on the links below to get some more info!


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