Cybersecurity in Aviation - Lecture in Hamburg

Vasileios PAPAGEORGIOU • 12 October 2023
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Cybersecurity in Aviation - Lecture in Hamburg

On the 11th of September 2023, the Royal Aeronautical Society - Hamburg branch, in cooperation with the German Aerospace Society (DGLR), the Association of German Engineers (VDI), Center of Applied Aeronautical Research (ZAL) & the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) organised a lecture in Cybersecurity in Aviation in the ZAL TechCenter in Hamburg.

The lecture was given by the Principal Coordinator in Cybersecurity in Aviation at EASA, Jean-Paul Moreaux. The lecture provided the students and participants with an overview on the nature and importance of cybersecurity in this domain, on how security is interconnected to aviation safety, on the dynamic environment that this interaction takes place, the complexity of this environment and the next steps in ensuring cyber-resilience and towards a more proactive rather than a reactive approach.


                                        Where we stand without Risk Management

For a long time, aviation did not give information security a high priority – until industry started to use commercial technology on board its aircraft. That was the turning point for starting the catch-up sprint. Ever since then a lot has been achieved, while cyber-attacks are increasing in frequency and intensity. So far, safety has not yet been compromised, but a few “near misses” have already occurred. So we need to stay alert, agile and diligent to get in front of the power curve, so future attacks will face a resilient aviation, which can be attacked but not brought to its knees.

This lecture was part of the free lectures on aeronautics and astronautics organized jointly by DGLR, RAeS, VDI, ZAL and HAW Hamburg (PSL). The goal of these lectures is the exchange of information among professionals and the education of students and young engineers. The topics range from historic reviews to current trends. This is a non-commercial and voluntary service of committed individuals and invited lecturers.


Interested to know more? You may find the presentation in the relevant link in the Related content below as well as the Zenodo Community of the Hamburg Aerospace Lecture Series.

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