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Christoph Schnyder • 27 June 2022
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Cybersecurity Videos

Dear cyber community

Please find some aviation cyber security related video clips in this community topic. The clips could be used for

  • Education and training
  • Awareness
  • References in presentations
  • or simply for entertainment purpose

If you come across an interesting video not listed here, you certainly may add it. Let this topic to become a living exchange by the cyber security community, but please respect license conditions when sharing. Any clips are appreciated as long as they have a determined relation to cyber security in aviation or aerospace. If you encounter a broken link, a quick note would be great.

Aviation ISAC:        Operation Reverse Thrust

Aviation ISAC:        Partnering Cyber Security and Capital Projects

Aviation ISAC:        Artificial Intelligence for Networked Aircraft Wings

DEF CON 29 Aerospace Village: Hacking Legacy IFEC in old 747s

DEF CON 29 Aerospace Village: Fuzzing NASA Core Flight System Software

DEF CON 29 Aerospace Village: Drone Security Series Ep 6 Hacking WITH drones

DEF CON 29 Aerospace Village: True Story: Hackers in the Aerospace Sector

DEF CON 29 Aerospace Village: Lost In Space: No one Can Hear Your Breach Choose Wisely

DEF CON 29 Aerospace Village: Federal Perspective on Aerospace Cybersecurity

DEF CON 29 Aerospace Village: Defending the UAV Advancements in UAV Intrusion Detection

DEF CON 29 Aerospace Village: VDP in aviation Experiences and lessons learnt as a researcher

DEF CON 29 Aerospace Village: Holistic View of a Flight with Crowd Sourced Data

DEF CON 29 Aerospace Village: Collecting CANs a Bridge Less Travelled

DEF CON 29 Aerospace Village: Developing Aerospace Security 3D Training Models

DEF CON 29 Aerospace Village: CPDLC Man in the middle attacks and how to defend against them

DEF CON 29 Aerospace Village: Don’t fear the BUS, it won’t run you over

DEF CON 29 Aerospace Village: Evaluating Wireless Attacks on Real World Avionics Hardware

DEF CON 29 Aerospace Village: Unboxing the Spacecraft Software BlackBox Hunting for Vulnerabilities

DEF CON 29 Aerospace Village: Threat Modeling for Space Hitchhikers

DEF CON 29 Aerospace Village: Steal This Drone High Assurance Cyber Military Systems

DEF CON 29 Aerospace Village: Steal This Drone High Assurance Cyber Military Systems

DEF CON 28 Aerospace Village: Breakdown of the FAA's Privacy ICAO Address Program 

DEF CON 28 Aerospace Village: Cybersecurity Meets Aviation Regulation

DEF CON 28 Aerospace Village: Hacking Aerospace Cybersecurity Regulation

DEF CON 28 Aerospace Village: What I Learned Trying to Hack a 737

DEF CON 28 Aerospace Village: Cybersecurity Lessons Learned From Human Spaceflight

DEF CON 28 Aerospace Village: MITM – The Mystery in the Middle

DEF CON 28 Aerospace Village: Dissceting Wireless Privacy in Aviation

DEF CON 28 Aerospace Village: Low-Cost VHF Receiver

DEF CON 28 Aerospace Village: Critical Aerospace Cybersecurity

DEF CON 28 Aerospace Village: 747-400 Walk through From a Hacker’s Perspective

DEF CON 28 Aerospace Village: A Deeper Dive into ILS and ADS-B Spoofing

DEF CON 28 Aerospace Village: Hacking Airplane, A2G Systems

DEF CON 28 Aerospace Village: TCAS and ILS Spoofing Demonstration

DEF CON 28 Aerospace Village: Checklist for Aviation Vulnerability Disclosure 

DEF CON 28 Aerospace Village: Ticketing To Takeoff: An Airport Hacking Choose Your Own Adventure

DEF CON 28 Aerospace Village: Introduction to ACARS

DEF CON 28 Aerospace Village: Exploring Pilot Reactions to Attacks on Avionic Systems

DEF CON 28 Aerospace Village: Hackers and ISACs

DEF CON 28 Aerospace Village: Product Cybersecurity Secure Airplane Development Lifecycle

DEF CON 27 Aerospace Village: A Hackers First Solo Airplane Avionics Security 101

DEF CON 27 Aerospace Village: CAN Bus in Aviation Investigating CAN Bus in Avionics

DEF CON 27 Aerospace Village: The Long Haul The State of Aviation Policy

DEF CON 27 Aerospace Village: An Introduction to the ARINC standards

DEF CON 27 Aerospace Village: Wireless Attacks on Aircraft ILS

DEF CON 27 Aerospace Village: Hacking the airforce and beyond

DEF CON 27 Aerospace Village: In The Air And On The Air Aviation Radio Systems

DEF CON 27 Aerospace Village: Ideas whose time has come CVD SBOM and SOTA

DEF CON 27 Aerospace Village: Common Online Security Fails In Pilot Training

DEF CON 27 Aerospace Village: Behind the scenes of hacking airplanes

RSA Conference: Aviation Cybersecurity: Technology and Teamwork

RSA Conference: Aviation Cybersecurity: Keeping the Wings On

RSA Conference: Enhancing Aviation Cybersecurity Capacity or How I Learned to Love a Hacker

NCyTE Center: Introduction to Small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS-drone) Cybersecurity

NCyTE Center: Identifying sUAS Vulnerabilities

NCyTE Center: Penetration Testing of a Small Unmanned Aircraft System

NCyTE Center: Threats to Aircraft Systems

NCyTE Center: Identifying sUAS Vulnerabilities

ENISA: Securing the European aviation cyberspace

ENISA: Cyber Europe 2018 - After Action video

TAUVOD: Panel 1: Cyber Security of Aircrafts

TAUVOD: Panel 2: Aviation Eco-system Cyber Threats

Nokia: Cybersecurity for Air Traffic Management (ATM)

Nokia: Cyber security for airports

Thales: Cybersecurity in the sky

Thales: Cybersecurity: a job of the future

AtlanticCouncil: Report Launch: Aviation Cybersecurity—Finding Lift, Minimizing Drag

AtlanticCouncil: Pete Cooper on Aviation Cybersecurity

Vance Hilderman: Understanding Aviation Cyber Security's New Rules & Applying the DO 326A ED 202A Ecosystem

Vance Hilderman: Safety Critical Compilers for Cyber Security & Reliable Development

ICAO: Air Traffic Management: The new challenges (Leonardo)

ICAO: Presenting the ICAO Public Key Directory (PKD)

Minsait: Which key trends will shape the Air Traffic Management cybersecurity market?

wolfSSL: Security in Avionics

Wild West Hackin' Fest: Avionics Primer for Security Researchers

EUROCAE Association: Aviation Cyber Security Training

EUROCAE Association: EUROCAE Symposium 2022 - Day 2 - 29 April 2022

BAZL: SASOC Conference, 2022

Eurocontrol: FLY AI #6 - AI for cyber and cyber for AI

Eurocontrol: Making aviation cyber resilient

WeAreALPA: Cybersecurity Concerns In Today’s Aviation Environment

Apsys: Cyber security for aviation

Flightdocs: Aviation Cybersecurity: How it protects you and why you need it now!

Raytheon: Cyber Threats in Aviation

i24NEWS: Cyber Corner: Cyber Security in Aviation

Inmarsat: Inmarsat Aviation Connectivity and Cybersecurity

Homeland Security Committee Events: Understanding Cybersecurity Threats to America’s Aviation Sector

F-Secure: In Aviation, Trust is Everything

Rockwell Collins: Cyber Solutions for Airports

Carnegie Mellon University: Cyber-Vulnerabilities in Aviation Today

ELTA Systems Ltd: IAC3 - Israeli Cyber Companies Consortium for Aviation

SecureWorld: Aviation Cybersecurity CISO Deneen DeFiore

bryan len: Aviation Cyber Security Airworthiness Certification Course

Hacker Hotshots: Aviation Cyber Security

EmbryRiddleUniv: A Panel Discussion on Aviation Cybersecurity

BSI Group: Aerospace cybersecurity research

Mentour Pilot: Can Aircraft be Hacked?!

IntTransportForum: ICAO Secretary General Fang Liu on cyber-security in aviation - ITF18

INCD: Civil aviation cyber security threats

The CyberHub Podcast: Cybersecurity risks with drones

The Threat Report: Drone Technology a Rising Threat to Cybersecurity

First and Ten Productions: Cyber-Security Drone Hack

Black Hat: Drone Attacks on Industrial Wireless: A New Front in Cyber Security

Scott Schober: What's More Worrysome, Drones Or Drone Hackers?

We are FINN: Cybersecurity in aerospace: “It’s a battlefield”

MarketWatch: Why cyberattacks on airports and power grids could be the new reality

Fairuz Rafique: Airport Cyber Security - Galactic Security Systems

Israel leon: cyber security for airports

CNBC International TV: Dubai Airports CEO: Focus should be on resilience against cyber attacks

Afrique Today: Cyber Connect - Airport & Cybersecurity

Munich Airport: Information Security Hub am Flughafen München

VITAmaketing: Aviation Safety and Security – Can they Coexist?

IDEMIA: Demo: Encrypting and securing data with IoT Metrics Management

Technovation: Exploring Cyber Security with Boeing Engineers

Null Byte: Perform Aircraft OSINT Using Your Smartphone or Computer

Atgus Cyber Security: Argus Aircraft SIEM

TomoNews US: Aircraft hacking: WiFi and advanced cockpits make modern jets more vulnerable to cyberattacks

Adrian Crenshaw: Attacking The Next Generation Air Traffic Control System Hackers Liquor And Commer

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