2023 EASA - FAA Conference - Cybersecurity Panel

Vasileios PAPAGEORGIOU • 16 June 2023
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2023 EASA - FAA International Aviation Safety Conference

Panel on Cybersecurity

Yesterday, the EASA - FAA International Aviation Safety Conference of 2023 came to an end after 3 days full of discussions and exchanges on global aviation safety and sustainability topics from the perspective of both the regulators and the industry.

Panel 8: Cyber


As part of the Conference, a dedicated session on cybersecurity was organised during the 2nd day. The panel which included representatives from both EASA and the FAA as well as from the industry (Boeing & Lufthansa Group) touched upon various aspects of cybersecurity in the aviation domain, spanning from the protection of aeronautical products to the protection of aviation organisations from cybersecurity threats. 

The purpose of this panel was to present the approaches undertaken by EASA and FAA towards their paths to resilience and for the industry representatives from Europe and the US to elaborate on their perceived effectiveness of the approaches presented.

Aviation is a system of systems. We need to ensure that aviation remains resilient, able to deliver safe operations even under attack.  - Gian Andrea Bandieri, Section Manager Cybersecurity in Aviation & Emerging Risks, EASA

A main topic of discussion was the convergence between the two different regulatory approaches.

When it comes to aligning our requirements, some progress has already been noted. We need to continue our efforts towards this. - Victor Wicklund, Acting Director, Policy & Standards Division, Aircraft Certification Service, FAA

Cyber Panel 8


Cybersecurity is now a topic that is listed high in the aviation safety agenda as it has been noted during the panel. 

Every panel today has mentioned cybersecurity. We are starting to see more interest by people for this domain. - Sean Sullivan, Chief Engineer Cabin Systems/Network Systems/Product Security, Boeing

Towards the end of the session the floor opened for questions and the shortage of staff in cybersecurity in aviation was noted as one of the challenges that our domain is currently facing. A Flash-Talk earlier that day tried to address this topic by giving some views on how to inspire the young generation to join the aviation industry, presented by some of the EASA Junior Professionals.

More information about this topic will be available as of next weeks, so stay tuned!

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