Hello from Finland

This might be a wrong community, but question anyway about new spa.hems opinion.

VFR weather minima at night. There is still cloud base limitation, but in some cases it might be ceiling.

Really difficult to understand the reasons for cloud base NOT ceiling, especially with NVG's.

How do you understand this new text and it's meaning in practise?


Thanks Anssi for your post here in the EASA Community Rotorcraft.
Kindly resend your clarification request to vtol@easa.europa.eu for redirection to a domain expert.
Michell Masson
EASA Senior Safety Promotion Officer, ESPN-R Secretary

Anssi Vuolle

Hello Nicolo

The answer was disapointment. They said that I should ask guidance and clarification from local CAA.

So the end result will be, that every nation uses different interpretation about this regulation.

This should not be a goal for rulemaking IMO.

Nicolo Eicke

Hi Anssi
Thanks for your reply!
Thats indeed disappointing. On the other hand I'm not surprised they have no clue what they wrote in their regulations...

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