VFR into IMC - An Evening with Claude Vuichard

Michel MASSON • 26 November 2021
in community Rotorcraft
Event date 16 Dec '21 17:00 - 17:30
Event location Virtual Event on Webex

Join EASA’s Together4Safety and ESPN-R for an evening with Claude Vuichard. You will get to watch the premiere of the new safety promotion video with Claude, VRM Switzerland and Air Zermatt on VFR into IMC, one of the most important safety challenges for helicopter pilots. Learn practical ways to save yourself getting into challenging situations in the first place and how to save yourself to fly another day. Register now at this link: https://easa-webmeetings.webex.com/easa-webmeetings/j.php?RGID=r3bef05e0d7c7317f22289b7278a3555f


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