VAST Global Conference

John FRANKLIN • 11 July 2022
in community Rotorcraft
Event date 4 Oct '22 - 6 Oct '22
Event location Hurst, Texas • Hurst, TX, United States

Attending the VAST Global Conference should be considered an investment in safety. Our goal is to elevate and inspire a thriving safety culture throughout our industry. You will hear presentations on new technology and infrastructure that will prepare you to navigate and shape the future of the industry. You will also hear best practices and lessons learned from leading industry speakers on safety, enhancing your knowledge and skills to mitigate risk. Our agenda includes a full day of specifically focused session groupings, to ensure operators, maintainers and those in the advanced VTOL space get the attention these important topics deserve. Network with peers, interact with speakers, and learn the latest.

Bring a colleague and join us for the VAST Global Conference October 4 – 6, 2022 in Hurst, TX for the new era in vertical lift.

For questions about the conference, email our conference coordinators. From the FAA: Gene Trainor at and from VAST: Tom Glista:

For general safety information, we urge you to visit the Vertical Aviation Safety Team website at and the United States Helicopter Safety Team website at

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