Davide MARTINI • 3 March 2022
in community Cybersecurity
Event date 28 Apr '22 - 29 Apr '22
Event location hybrid forrmat - Warsaw and live-stream • Poland

During the EUROCAE Symposium this year there will be a panel discussion dedicated to cybersecurity that is expected to be vey interesting. Below an extract from the event's agenda:

Panel 4: Cyber security (09:00-10:15 – 29 April)

Over the last few years, aviation has moved toward an increase of digitalisation. This increasing reliance on information systems and data raise the importance of information security. The future EU regulation, also known as Part-IS, is expected to provide soon the means to ensure the resilience of the European Aviation ecosystem against the information security menaces. Now, the industry together with the aviation authorities need to get ready for the next phase: the implementation of this regulation.

This panel will introduce and discuss the means needed to be implemented in order to be deemed compliant with the regulation, the means to ensure a common level playing field and its oversight.

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