2022 FAA-EASA International Aviation Safety Conference

Borja GARCIA-BLANCO • 5 May 2022
in community Cybersecurity
Event date 14 Jun '22 - 16 Jun '22
Event location Washington D.C. • , United States


The three-day conference brings together regulators, aerospace industry representatives, and other stakeholders from around the world to share aviation safety information, address current areas of mutual concern, and identify future collaborative opportunities with the global community. Join us for keynote addresses from FAA and EASA leadership, multiple breakouts, and plenary sessions on topics such as managing cybersecurity threats and safety management for advanced air mobility and sustainable aviation technologies, networking opportunities, and much more

Among other interesting topics, there will be a specific panel onĀ Managing Cybersecurity Threats:

Regulators and industry are increasingly faced with cybersecurity threats potentially harming aircraft, operator and airspace systems. The panel will present approaches on managing and mitigating such threats and discuss where global harmonization is needed and how cooperation can be achieved. To demonstrate the importance of both resilient design and operational mitigations, the panel will consider how GNSS/GPS manages cybersecurity threats.

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