Latest Rotorcraft News - April 2021

11 April 2021

With the Easter holidays behind us, we are excited to share the latest Rotorcraft News. For the first time this is done as a collaboration between the European Helicopter Association and EASA Together4Safety. In this month's Rotorcraft News you'll get updates on the following interesting topics: 

  • Video News from the European Helicopter Association (EHA). 
  • The start of an exciting collaboration to talk about rotorcraft safety. 
  • What are we talking about over the coming months........?
  • Webinar on the challenges of safety implementation. 
  • European Rotors Digital Series.
  • EHA and EASA Wellbeing Video Series.
  • COVID-19 Return to Flying Advice.

It's always difficult to keep on top of everything that's going on so this update aims to provide you all the information you need in one easy place.  If you think we missed anything just drop an email to  

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Video News from EHA

The European Helicopter Association have developed a monthly news video to help update their members and to inform the wider rotorcraft community about important toopics. Below is the English version and you can click these links for the French, German and Italian versions of the video.  

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The start of an exciting collaboration to talk about rotorcraft safety

With the launch of this news article we are also starting an exciting new collaboration between EASA Together4Safety, the European Helicopter Association and Heli Offshore. In itself Together4Safety is already the results of our collaboration with the helicopter industry through the European Safety Promotion Network - Rotorcraft (ESPN-R).

Through these collaborations we aim to provide support and information to help the whole helicopter community with the safety challenges they face everyday. The more we collaborate and focus our efforts on important topics at the same hopefully the easier it is for you to make sense of things. Sometimes it feels like being in a room with a hundred conversations happening at the same time - so if we can help focus our discussions at industry level you can learn about the most important things for your operations.  

Helicopter Collaboration

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So what are we talking about over the coming months?

Over the next 3 months we are focussing our discussions and promotional material on 3 important topics. We have picked a strategic topic, an operational topic and a seasonal topic, all based on the results of our Safety Risk Mangement process, the data analysis and discussions with key stakeholders at the Rotorcraft Committee (R.COM) and the ESPN-R. The latest topics for this first period are:

  • Strategic topic: The challenges of safety implementation. 
  • Operational topic: Handling emergency and unusual situations. 
  • Seasonal topic: Birdstrikes. 

Over the coming weeks and months you will see articles, webinars, videos and other material all aimed at focussing our discussions on these key topics. Join in the discussion here on the Rotorcraft Community Site and also on the ESPN-R LinkedIn Group

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Webinar - The challenges of implemening safety

For one of the first activities in our collaboration with the European Helicopter Association and HeliOffshore we are beginning a webinar series to discuss important safety topics with industry leaders. The topic for this first session on 5 May from 1100 to 1200 CET will be the safety challenges that we face in the rotorcraft community and the barriers to implementing safety initiatives.

Register at the link here on the EASA Webex Events Page.   

Webinar Safety

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European Rotors Digital Series

The latest Digital Series included interviews with Airial Robotics, Beamflight, InnoVfoam B.V

New episodes of the digital series with interviews with Claude Vuichard in cooperation with Leocopter and our partners from Dubai Heli Conference will be published soon!

Subscribe to their Youtube Channel and get all the videos.  Topic Line

EHA/ EASA Wellbeing Videos

Together with the EASA Initiative Together4Safety, we recorded a series of 4 webinars to provide practical advice to the aviation and VTOL personnel currently looking for jobs and/or to readapt their skills towards a different profession.

The first two parts of the recording are now available online. You can access them at the links here: 

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COVID-19 Return to Flying

In March we republished our return to flying advice - check out the article and video here. Lots of great information is you have been stuck on the ground for a while due to the COVID restrictions. 

Return to Flying Advice