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What is aviation safety?

Aviation safety is the result of all actions taken to prevent accidents, errors or unintentional defects in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of aircraft.

How does EASA ensure aviation safety?

  • EASA is entirely responsible for the certification of aircraft types and other aeronautical products in the EU.
  • National Aviation Authorities who issue individual certificates for aircraft, organisations and personnel located in their territory are monitored by EASA to ensure they apply rules and regulations correctly.
  • EASA issues certificates for aviation safety organisations located in third countries, outside the EU . 
  • Highest safety standards are maintained to guarantee a uniform level of safety for the travelling public and a level playing field for airlines across the EU.

What role does the public play in Aviation Safety?

As passengers, you play a big part in ensuring you fly safely. Our checklists and campaigns show how you can support our mission, be prepared and have a safe flight.

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