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I would like to ask some questions regarding the new training for Flight Operations Officers established in the AIR OPS. Hope you can assist me.

As part of the Regulation 2021/1296 and the corresponding Decision 2022/005/R, applicable from October, a new training is defined for FOOs/FDs in AMC1 ORO.GEN.110(c)&(e) Operator responsibilities.

IATA defines, in addition to the term FOO, the term FOA, which refers to "A suitably qualified person or specialist designated by an Operator with specific responsibilities relevant to the control and supervision of flight operations who supports, briefs and/or assists the FOO and/or pilot-incommand." However, this definition does not exist in the AIR OPS regulation.

Therefore, my questions are:
- Does the personnel considered as FOA for an IOSA operator fall into the FOO definition when referring to the AIR OPS?
- Is the training established in the above mentioned AMC applicable to a FOA?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Martin Nemecek

In Slovakia, these functions have always been subject to mandatory personnel licensing, which means that the training, curriculum, examinations and subsequent licensing are managed by the CAA. Each operator is required to have described for these positions all applicable types of training, including instructor competencies, in the relevant section of the operations manual.

Gabriel Arroyo

Hello, Nazry.
I think the border between FOO and FOA is not clear enough, at least in Europe, where there is no shared responsability with the captain. I heard there is a roule making group in EASA working on it. Let´s hope it will be clarified.


IOSA Manual has a chapter for this topic. As far as I know, FOA does not have any OPS Control demanded (he only assists PIC) while FOO could have it (shared system). My opinion is that EASA Training is required to FOO only who has OPS Control.

Nazariy Harvat Shchesniy

Hello everyone,

Thank you very much for your inputs about this topic.

For your info, we have received some guidance from the Spanish NAA and they clarified this by stating the following:

"If the implicit definition of tasks for a FOA corresponds to those of a FD/FOO, ORO.GEN.110(c) would apply to them since they do not require a license and would require specific operator training."

According to this interpretation, in the case of our operator the AIR OPS FOO/FD training IS APPLICABLE for the FOAs, as the above mentioned condition is met.

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