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Calls for tender
Status Tender Reference Title Closing date
Open EASA.2017.HVP.05 Data4Safety - Big Data Platform 12/06/2017
Open EASA.2017.HVP.06 Assistance for Maintenance & Extension of Capabilities for Business-IT Architecture and Process Management with ARIS 06/06/2017
Open EASA.2017.HVP.08 IT application and infrastructure management services (ITAIMS) 02/06/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.09 Technical training services 25/05/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.11 Provision of Medical Services 23/05/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.04 Besetzung der Poststelle und der Warenannahme sowie Versand von Brief-, Paket-, Kurier- und Expresssendungen der Europäischen Agentur für Flugsicherheit 22/05/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.03 Provision of temporary workers for the European Aviation Safety Agency 02/05/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.01 Communication Services 10/04/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.07 Digital and Visual Communication Services 27/03/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.02 Hausmeister-, Umzugs- und Transportdienstleistungen für die Europäische Agentur für Flugsicherheit 21/03/2017
Closed EASA.2016.HVP.08 Assessment Centres and Developments Centres | High Value - Open Procedure (OP) 21/11/2016
Closed EASA.2016.HVP.17 Framework Service Contract for Legal Advice on EASA premises and related services | High Value - Open Procedure (OP) 17/11/2016
Closed EASA.2016.HVP.10 Impact Assessment of Cybersecurity Threats 12/09/2016
Closed EASA.2016.HVP.04 Layout, Production & Reprographic Services 05/09/2016
Closed EASA.2016.HVP.11 Environmental Consultancy Support on technical issues associated with Aircraft Noise 21/07/2016
Closed EASA.2016.HVP.14 Study on Disbond of sandwich structures (DoSS) development 23/06/2016
Closed EASA.2016.HVP.02 Gebäudereinigung 25/04/2016
Closed EASA.2016.HVP.01 Banking Services - Main Account 14/04/2016
Closed EASA.2015.HVP.22 Services in support of EASA international cooperation activities 07/03/2016
Closed EASA.2015.HVP.31 Technisches Gebäudemanagement 22/02/2016
Closed EASA.2015.HVP.30 Lieferung elektrischer Energie aus erneuerbaren Energien 12/02/2016
Closed EASA.2015.HVP.26 Sicherheits-, Empfangs- und zugehörige Dienstleistungen 16/12/2015
Closed EASA.2015.HVP.19 Zahlungs- und Abrechnungssystem fur gastronomische Bewirtschaftung 16/12/2015
Closed EASA.2015.HVP.17 Gastronomische Bewirtschaftung 23/11/2015
Closed EASA.2015.HVP.18 Kleininventar für gastronomische Bewirtschaftung 19/10/2015
Closed EASA.2015.HVP.12 Impact Assessment & Evaluation of EASA rules in the field of Aviation Safety (ASSESS II) 13/10/2015
Closed EASA.2015.HVP.16 E-Learning Language Training 24/09/2015
Closed EASA.2015.HVP.20 Startle Effect Management (Research Study) 18/09/2015
Extension date25/09/2015
Closed EASA.2015.HVP.10 Support on technical issues associated with Aviation Emissions 15/09/2015
Closed EASA.2015.HVP.04 Bürobedarf 01/09/2015
Closed EASA.2015.HVP.06 Maßmöbel 31/08/2015
Closed EASA.2015.HVP.05 Serienmobiliar für Büro- und Verwaltungsgebäude 17/08/2015
Extension date14/09/2015
Closed EASA.2015.HVP.23 Characterisation of the toxicity of aviation turbine engine oils after pyrolysis (AVOIL) 17/08/2015
Extension date07/09/2015
Closed EASA.2015.HVP.07 Umzugsdienstleistungen 10/08/2015
Closed EASA.2015.HVP.11 Business & Management Consultancy Services 14/07/2015
Closed EASA.2015.HVP.02 Travel Agency and related services for the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in Cologne 23/06/2015
Closed EASA.2015.HVP.01 Helicopter North Sea Operations Management Current Practices Safety Review 22/05/2015
Closed EASA.2015.HVP.03 Telecommunication Services for EASA’s Brussels Office 13/03/2015
Closed EASA.2014.OP.13 Provision of Pilots' Training 09/02/2015
Extension date28/02/2015
Closed EASA.2014.RP.12 - Phase 1 Provision of Training and consultancy services to EASA for the purposes of staff and organisational development 02/02/2015
Closed EASA.2014.OP.16 (CAQ) Preliminary Cabin Air Quality Measurement Campaign 08/12/2014
Closed EASA.2014.OP.15 Helicopter main gearbox health (MGH) 28/10/2014
Closed EASA.2014.OP.14 Provision of a study on the feasibility of a European Data Exchange Programme for Aviation Safety 16/09/2014
Closed EASA.2014.OP.01 Cleaning Services 16/09/2014
Closed EASA.2014.RP.08 - Phase 1 Implementation of the SOFIA Programme within Technical Cooperation Activities of EASA 15/09/2014
Closed EASA.2014.OP.06 Relocation Services for Staff of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in Cologne 01/08/2014
Closed EASA.2014.OP.05 Telecommunication Services 28/04/2014
Closed EASA.2013.OP.21 Outsourcing of certification tasks to National Aviation Authorities (NAAs) and Qualified Entities (QEs) – LIMITED RE-OPENING 27/01/2014
Closed EASA.2013.OP.07 Language training and testing services 11/09/2013
Closed EASA.2013.OP.14 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) - Aircraft performance calculations and mass & balance - Best practices for evaluation and use of EFB 26/08/2013
Closed EASA.2013.OP.12 CODAMEIN III : Composite Damage Metrics and Inspection 12/08/2013
Closed EASA.2013.OP.05 Assistance to process modelling with ARIS 29/07/2013
Closed EASA.2013.OP.08 DIFT - De-icing fluid wind tunnel testing 02/07/2013
Closed EASA.2013.OP.06 Provision of Property Management & Consultancy Services 11/06/2013
Closed EASA.2013.OP.09 Provision of Medical Services 29/05/2013
Closed EASA.2013.RP.10 IT infrastructure support and development of and maintenance for in-house business applications – Phase 1 15/04/2013
Closed EASA.2013.OP.04 Provision of temporary workers for the European Aviation Safety Agency 02/04/2013

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