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Calls for tender
Status Tender Reference Title Closing date
Open EASA.2017.HVP.17 Outsourcing of certification tasks to qualified entities (QE). 30/08/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.01 Communication services. 10/04/2017
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.04 In-house mail services management, goods receipt as well as postage services of letter mail, packages, parcels, courier and express mail for the European Aviation Safety Agency.
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.02 Caretaking, removal and transport services for the European Aviation Safety Agency.
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.11 Provision of medical services.
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.08 IT application and infrastructure management services (ITAIMS).
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.12 Research Study: age limitations for commercial air transport pilots.
Closed EASA.2016.HVP.17 Framework service contract for legal advice on EASA premises and related services.
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.09 Technical training services.
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.05 Data4Safety - big data platform.
Closed EASA.2016.HVP.08 Assessment centres and development centres.
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.03 Provision of temporary workers for the European Aviation Safety Agency.
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.06 Assistance for maintenance and extension of capabilities for business IT architecture and process management with ARIS.
Closed EASA.2016.HVP.10 Impact assessment of cybersecurity threats.
Closed EASA.2017.HVP.07 Digital and visual communication services.

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