Safety Promotion Initiatives

The European Strategic Safety Initiative (ESSI) was an aviation safety partnership between EASA, other regulators and the industry, and was discontinued in 2016. ESSI’s objective was to further enhance safety for citizens in Europe and worldwide through safety analysis, implementation of cost effective action plans, and coordination with other safety initiatives worldwide.

ESSI was launched in 2006 by EASA, as a ten year programme, and it had three pillars:

  • ECAST - European Commercial Aviation Safety Team. It was closed on 22 March 2016. Functions are reallocated to the Collaborative Analysis Groups (CAGs), Member States' Advisory Body  (MAB) and its Technical Bodies (TeBs), Stakeholder Advisory Body (SAB) and its Committees, Safety Promotion Task (SPT) Groups and  Safety Promotion Network (SPN).
  • EGAST - European General Aviation Safety Team. It was closed on 20 April. Functions are reallocated to the CAGs, Sectorial Committee GA, SPT Groups and SPN.
  • EHEST - European Helicopter Safety Team. Closed on 11 October 2016, the EHEST community and its implementation team the EHSIT were re-established by the Rotorcraft Sectorial Committee on 25 January 2017 as the European Safety Promotion Network Rotorcraft (ESPN-R).

The websites of these initiatives are kept as a repository.