Easy Access Rules for Air Operations

Introductory Note to Air Ops Easy Access Rules - Revision 8, March 2017

We constantly strive to improve the consolidated version of the Air Operations regulation in the Easy Access Rules format.

For this, we always consider your suggestions. That is why your feedback is important to us – because you help us create a better tool for you.

The Rule Amendment Status includes:

  • all the amendments to Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 to date, with the dates of entry into force and dates of application;
  • a summary of changes to the Commission Regulation and the EASA Decisions; and
  • a Revision Table, with the rule paragraph number and the type of change (deleted, new or changed text), for an easier identification of the paragraphs that were modified by the latest amendment.

Revision 8 of Air Ops consolidated version includes the Reg. (EU) No 2017/363 on single-engined turbine aeroplane operations at night or in instrument meteorological conditions (SET-IMC), the approval requirements for the dangerous goods training related to commercial SPO, NCC, and non-commercial SPO of complex motor-powered aircraft. It also includes the EASA ED Decisions 2017/002/R, 2017/003/R and 2017/004/R related to the aforementioned regulation and to Reg. (EU) 2017/373 on the management of aeronautical databases.

Thank you for sending us your opinions and suggestions on Revision 8 of Air Ops consolidated version at air_ops [at] easa [dot] europa [dot] eu.

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