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EASA Newsletter: On Air

Cybersecurity in Aviation
New Start for Rotorcraft
EASA on the international scene
EASA and the world of Drones
Annual Safety Conference Special: New Technologies & New Business models
Flight Tracking
Cybersecurity – EASA Internal Occurrence Reporting System (IORS) – Airworthiness Directives (ADs) and Safety Information Bulletins (SIBs)
EASA Vision for 2020 – Revision of the Basic Regulation
Interview Director-General of DG MOVE (Joao Aguiar Machado) – Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs)
Air Traffic Management – Interview Airbus (Charles Champion) – Operational Suitability Data (OSD)
General Aviation
Crisis Coordination – Interview with the Civil Aviation Authority of the United Arab Emirates (Al Blooshi) – Certification of the Airbus AB 350 XWB
EU License for Air Traffic Controllers (ATCO) and Data Link – Interview Ryanair (Michael O’Leary) – Third Country Operators (TCOs)
Interview EU Commission Transport (Siim Kallas) – European Aviation Safety Plan (EASp)

Annual Safety Review

This publication provides an early overview of the aviation safety statistics for 2016 in the domain of Commercial Air Transport Aeroplanes. The reports covers both worldwide operations and those involving the 32 EASA Member States.

Miscellaneous Papers & Reports

The document ‘Proposal for a Competency Framework for the Competent Authorities' Inspectors’ is now available on the EASA website. This report illustrates the outcome of the Working Group established by EASA Management Board that developed a competency framework for Civil Aviation Authority Inspectors.

Activity Report - June 2015 – May 2016

Aviation by nature operates across borders. Member States and their competent authorities, therefore need to work together. Such cooperation between competent authorities ensures that aviation activities of organisations/persons active in one Member States, but certified by the competent authority of another Member State, are properly overseen.

After the initial draft was issued in July 2015, several comments were received and incorporated. At the same time the text has been updated to reflect the amendment of ICAO Annex 19.
The document is published under the provision of Art. 5(3) of Regulation (EU) No 628/2013: “The Agency shall provide competent authorities of Member States with relevant information to support the uniform implementation of the applicable requirements.” and is intended to offer a possible solutions to a common issue.

The analysis in this paper seeks to identify the main safety risks involving Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operations.

The European Aviation Safety Agency Task Force has assessed the risks resulting from collisions between drones of varying masses and different categories of manned aircraft, considering their design characteristics and operational requirements.

The growth in numbers of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or “drones”, is matched by the significant range of benefits that their use promises. Those benefits will not be fully realised, however, unless there can be confidence that such UAS can be operated safely.

EASA Brochure

A risk based approach to regulation of unmanned aircraft

General Aviation Leaflet

Hypoxia Conditions, Associated Risks and Mitigating Measures
A guide for GA owners & pilots
(Safely) affordable
for general aviation
for general aviation

Annual Activity Report

Annual Safety Recommendations Review

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