Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM)

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Part-FCL - Flight Crew Licensing
Publication date Title
Part-FCL - AMC/GM Amendment 3
Part-FCL - AMC/GM Amendment 3
21/06/2016 Consolidated version of Aircrew AMC&GM (unofficial) view
Revision of the operational approval criteria for performance-based navigation (PBN)
AMC/GM to Part-FCL - Amendment 2

Annex I-II to ED Decision 2016-008-R

Annex II to ED Decision 2016/008/R ‘AMC & GM to Part-FCL (Learning Objectives (LOs)) — Amendment 2’ was replaced on 11/05/2016 without change to its content.

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AMC and GM to Part-FCL - Amendment 1
Part-FCL / AMC Amendment 1 / GM Amendment 1
15/12/2011 Part-FCL / AMC / GM view
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