EASA Light goes multi-lingual

The website is now available in all 24 EU languages


If you have visited EASA Light before, you might have noticed some changes. That’s right: EASA Light is now available in all EU languages! In fact, maybe you are already reading this text in your native language. 

This is an important step for inclusivity and being able to reach citizens throughout Europe and beyond. We are making it easier for people to find out more about safety, drones, the environment and the role of EASA in all aspects of aviation.  

Picture of EASA Executive Director Patrick Ky“Safety is fundamental for the success of aviation – but not many citizens fully realise what goes into making this industry safe, and the part EASA plays in that and in all other aspects of regulating aviation,” said EASA Executive Director Patrick Ky. “We hope the new multi-lingual EASA Light will make EASA’s activities more transparent for EU citizens and further the understanding of this exciting industry.”   

How to switch to another language

Here is how you can display EASA Light in the language of your choice:

1. You will see the current display language on the top of the page, for example:

Examples of current display language




2. If you click on the current selected language, you are shown a panel where you can choose another language.

A panel showing all 24 languages available

Information for newcomers

If this is your first visit to EASA Light, welcome! This is your place for air safety information, particularly with respect to passenger safety and new developments on air travel, as well as information on aviation sustainability and drones.  


Going multi-lingual is no easy task. If you encounter some issues on EASA Light, report it in the form below to help us improve the website.

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