1. Purpose

The maintenance organisation manual is the reference for all the work carried out by the approved maintenance organisation. It should contain all the means established by the organisation to ensure compliance with Part-M or Part-ML according to the extent of approval and the privileges granted to the organisation.

The maintenance organisation manual should define precisely the work that the approved maintenance organisation is authorised to carry out and the subcontracted work. It should detail the resources used by the organisation, its structure and its procedures.

2. Content

A typical Maintenance Organisation Manual for a small organisation (less than 10 maintenance staff) should be designed to be used directly on a day to day basis. The working documents and lists should be directly included into the manual. It should contain the following:

Part A — General

               Table of contents

               List of effective pages

               Record of amendments

               Amendment procedure


               Amendments requiring direct approval by the competent authority



               Name or title of each person holding a copy of the manual

               Accountable manager statement

               Approval of the manual

               Statement that the maintenance organisation manual and any incorporated document identified therein reflect the organisation’s means of compliance with Part-M and Part-ML

               Commitment to work according to the manual

               Commitment to amend the manual when necessary

Part B — Description

               Organisation’s scope of work

               Description of the work carried out by the organisation (type of product, type of work) and subcontracted work

               Identification of the level of work which can be performed at each facility.

               General presentation of the organisation

               Legal name and social status

               Name and title of management personnel

               Accountable manager

               Senior managers

               Duties and responsibilities

               Organisation chart

               Certifying staff and airworthiness review staff

               Minimum qualification and experience

               List of authorised certifying staff and airworthiness review staff, their scope of qualification and the personal authorisation reference


               Technical personnel (number, qualifications and experience)

               Administrative personnel (number)

               General description of the facility

               Geographical location (map)

               Plan of hangars

               Specialised workshops

               Office accommodation


               Availability of all leased facilities.

               Tools, equipment and material

               List of tools, equipment and material used (including access to tools used on occasional basis)

               Test apparatus

               Calibration frequencies

               Maintenance data

               List of maintenance data used in accordance with M.A.402 or ML.A.402, and appropriate amendment subscription information (including access to data used on occasional basis).

Part C — General Procedures

               Organisational review

               Purpose (to insure that the approved maintenance organisation continues to meet the requirements of Part-M and Part-ML)


               Organisation, frequency, scope and content (including processing of authority’s findings)

               Planning and performance of the review

               Organisational review checklist and forms

               Processing and correction of review findings


               Review of subcontracted work


               Description of the methods used to ensure compliance with the personnel qualification and training requirements (certifying staff training, specialised training)

               Description of the personnel records to be retained

               Subcontracting of specialised services

               Selection criteria and control

               Nature of subcontracted work

               List of subcontractors

               Nature of arrangements

               Assignment of responsibilities for the certification of the work performed

               One time authorisations

               Maintenance checks

               Certifying staff

Part D — Working Procedures

               Work order acceptance

               Preparation and issue of the work package

               Control of the work order

               Preparation of the planned work

               Work package content (copy of forms, work cards, procedure for their use, distribution)

               Responsibilities and signatures needed for the authorisation of the work


               Persons/functions involved

               Criteria for choosing suppliers

               Procedures used for incoming inspection and storage of parts, tools and materials

               Copy of forms and procedure for their use and distribution


               Persons/functions involved and respective role

               Documentation (work package and work cards)

               Copy of forms and procedure for their use and distribution

               Use of work cards or manufacturer’s documentation

               Procedures for accepting components from stores including eligibility check

               Procedures for returning unserviceable components to stores

               Release to Service – Certifying staff

               Authorised certifying staff functions and responsibilities

               Release to Service – Supervision

Detailed description of the system used to ensure that all maintenance tasks, applicable to the work requested of the approved maintenance organisation, have been completed as required.

               Supervision content

               Copy of forms and procedure for their use and distribution

               Control of the work package

               Release to Service – Certificate of release to service

               Procedure for signing the CRS (including preliminary actions)

               Certificate of release to service wording and standardised form

               Completion of the aircraft continuing airworthiness record system

               Completion of EASA Form 1

               Incomplete maintenance

               Maintenance check flight authorisation

               Copy of CRS and EASA Form 1


               Airworthiness review procedures and records for ELA1 aircraft not involved in commercial operations

               Special procedures

Such as specialised tasks, disposal of unsalvageable components, re-certification of parts not having an EASA Form 1, etc.

               Occurrence reporting

               Occurrences to be reported

               Timeframe of reports

               Information to be reported


               Management of indirect approval of the manual

               Amendments content eligible for indirect approval



               Information to the competent authority

               Final validation

Part E – Appendices

               Sample of all documents used.

               List of maintenance locations.

               List of Part-145 or M.A. Subpart F organisations.

               List of subcontracted specialised services.

4. Continuous compliance with Part-M and Part-ML

When a maintenance organisation manual no longer meets the requirements of this Part-M or Part‑ML, whether through a change in Part-M or Part-ML, a change in the organisation or its activities, or through an inadequacy shown to exist by verification inspections conducted under the organisational review, or any other reason that affects the manuals conformity to requirements, the approved maintenance organisation is responsible to prepare and have approved an amendment to its manual.