The Part-26 EAR book is divided into two main sections.

The introductory section provides general information on the EAR book. The table of the incorporated amendments indicates the applicability dates of each element of the regulatory material. The table of contents reflects the content of the EAR book. It is not the officially published table of contents of Annex I (Part‑26).

The consolidated regulatory material section contains:

     the cover regulation (EU) No 2015/640 with the articles;

     the points of and appendices to Annex I (Part‑26) of Regulation (EU) No 2015/640;

     the related certification specifications (CS-26) and guidance material (GM).

Annex II of Regulation (EU) No 2015/640 amends Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 and is included in the consolidated version of the Air Operations EAR.

All elements of the regulatory material are colour-coded and can be identified according to the illustration below. The Commission regulation or EASA Executive Director (ED) decision through which the element was introduced or last amended is indicated below the element title(s) in italics.

Cover regulation article

Commission regulation

Point/Appendix (annex to the regulation)

Commission regulation

Certification specification

ED decision

Guidance material

ED decision


This EAR book will be updated regularly to incorporate further amendments.

The format of this EAR book has been adjusted to make it user-friendly and for reference purposes. Any comments should be sent to erules [at] (erules[at]easa[dot]europa[dot]eu).