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European Centre for Cybersecurity in Aviation (ECCSA)

ECCSA is a voluntary, cooperative partnership within the aviation community to better understand the emerging cybersecurity risks in aviation and to provide collective support in dealing with cybersecurity incidents, weaknesses and unauthorised interactions that could potentially affect the sector’s resiliency and safety.


The participation to ECCSA is voluntary as well as the information sharing. Organisations relevant for the safety and security of European Civil Aviation may apply for ECCSA membership, assured to meet applicable security selection criteria.

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  • U.S. graphics chip specialist NVIDIA has released software updates to address a total of 26 vulnerabilities impacting its Jetson system-on-module (SOM) series that could be abused by adversaries to escalate privileges and even lead to denial-of-service and information disclosure.

  • MILP, pseudo-boolean, and OMT solvers for optimal fault-tolerant placements of relay nodes in mission critical wireless networks. Authors:

    Abstract In critical infrastructures like airports, much care has to be devoted in protecting radio communication networks from external electromagnetic interference.

  • SpaceX has just shared images and a video of its Falcon 9 first stage rocket successfully returning to Earth following the company’s GPS III-5 mission launch. In addition to some of the best images we’ve seen of a rocket landing, the video also gives viewers a simple, mesmerizing video of the Falcon....

  • Every time a large tornado or hurricane causes damage to homes in the United States, you can bet that Kespry’s customer, State Farm, will be using drones to surveil the damage. According to Hariharan, the combination of Kespry’s AI software and a standard drone can cut the inspection time by a factor of 10.

  • Brazilian operator Azul is differentiating its service by offering free inflight connectivity, powered by Viasat, on 17 domestic aircraft, with plans to fit more than 80 additional aircraft. The São Paulo-based carrier selected Viasat IFC for more than 100 twinjets across its Airbus A320neo and Embraer E195-E2 fleets.

  • Worldwide Satellite Communication Industry to 2027 - Technological Advancements in Satellite Missions Presents Opportunities.

    DUBLIN June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The report has been added to's offering. "Satellite Communication Market by Application, Component and End-Use....

  • Este novo sistema de laser, instalado a bordo de uma pequena aeronave civil e testado “na semana passada”, pode atingir qualquer objeto voador, incluindo “‘drones’, projéteis, foguetes, mísseis balísticos”, segundo disse Yaniv Rotem, diretor de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento no Ministério de Defesa israelita.

  • Flaws impacting millions of internet of things (IoT) devices running NVIDIA’s Jetson chips open the door for a variety of hacks, including denial-of-service (DoS) attacks or the siphoning of data. NVIDIA released patches addressing nine high-severity vulnerabilities including eight additional bugs of less severity.

  • THE FIRST covid-19 vaccines came from rapid innovation. They have already saved millions of lives. What new technologies are in the pipeline? Robin Shattock’s team at Imperial College London is developing a self-amplifying RNA vaccine. Moz Siddiqui of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, describes a drone system delivering shots to remote areas.

  • Israel anunció el lunes haber utilizado en una serie de pruebas un láser aerotransportado para derribar drones, un “avance tecnológico” que podría reforzar su sistema de defensa. Este nuevo sistema de láser, instalado a bordo de un pequeño avión civil, y “probado esta pasada semana”, permite apuntar....

  • / La familia pide saber sobre los rastrillajes y acciones de búsqueda de la nena desaparecida. El padre de Guadalupe Lucero, la niña de 5 años que desapareció en San Luis hace una semana, reclamó este lunes que el Ministro de Justicia de la Provincia, Luciano Anastasi, “tome....

  • Wearable soft robots, prosthetic limbs, and origami muscle robots are some of the most promising applications for soft robotics. FREMONT, CA: With the introduction of soft robotic technology, anything that people once thought was impossible can now become a reality, from re-growing shattered limbs to producing mighty muscles.