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How shall I maintain my certified emergency parachute?

Emergency parachutes are neither installed on aircraft as a component nor are they required by Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 (Air Operations). As a consequence emergency parachutes are not subject of EC Regulation No. 1321/2014 (Part M).

The owner of the emergency parachute is responsible for keeping the emergency parachute in a proper condition in accordance with the approved instructions published by the manufacturer.

Rigging of emergency parachutes has to be performed in accordance with the approved instructions published by the manufacturer. There might be additional national regulations which might also have to be considered.

Any repair or maintenance, other than rigging, in accordance with the approved instructions, shall be carried out only by either the parachute manufacturer or an organization which is authorized by the manufacturer.


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Can I apply for an ETSO authorization for articles with embedded military functions?

From an ETSO authorization perspective, it must be demonstrated that the military embedded functions do not interfere with the CS-ETSO functions. EASA will not investigate the military functions. Moreover, if there are some restrictions regarding access to design data for the military functions, EASA cannot offer any special guarantee for the special access and protection of military data. So far, there has been some case by case arrangements in order to delegate the technical investigation to NAAs which can offer resources that comply with military requirements for special data access and protection.

If the article is designed exclusively for military use, EASA is not legally competent to issue an approval.


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Can parachutes receive an ETSO authorization?

Personnel parachutes within the scope of EASA are only emergency parachutes for glider and aerobatics pilots. All other parachutes (recreational, tandem etc.) are under the responsibility of the relevant Member States. EASA has published a list of parachute approvals granted by NAAs prior to EASA, which fall under the EASA responsibility. Click here for details.


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