Level of Involvement (LOI)

When and how, during the certification process, is the level of involvement (LOI) of the Agency established?

Currently the LOI concept is not formally introduced in Part-21. Nevertheless the Agency is not required to verify 100% of all compliance statements and in practice the project managers (PCM) and relevant experts define their level of involvement based on engineering judgement.

Part-21 already requires applicants in point 21.A.20(b) to provide a ‘certification programme’ for compliance demonstration. This programme is typically used by the Agency to determine its level of involvement.


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What is the expected timeframe for the introduction of the level of involvement concept at the Agency?

In March 2015, EASA issued the first Notice of Proposed Amendment, which is the document issued by EASA to propose a change to the regulation and get the feedback from all stakeholders.

The Agency received 350 comments, that are now being analysed and taken into account in drafting the final Opinion that will go to the European Commission

Early 2016, EASA expects to issue an Opinion, which is a formal proposal made to the European Commission, the body entitled to change the impacted regulation.

The European Commission has its own review process, hence an update of regulation EU 748/2012 and its annex (Part-21) in order to introduce the level of involvement concept is not foreseen before 2017.


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