Categories of a Part-66 licence

I hold a Category A1 Part-66 licence. What are the requirements to extend my licence to Category B1.1?

The requirements to extend a Part-66 licence with a category A1 to B1.1 are:

  • the knowledge demonstration of those basic modules, which are of higher level for B1.1 (see Part-66 Appendix I); and
  • the demonstration of experience required by Appendix IV to Part-66:

Two years of practical maintenance experience on operating aircraft in the B1.1 category (not in the A1 category) is needed before applying for the extension. This experience need to be accumulated within the 10 years preceding the application.

The experience requirement will be reduced by 50% if the applicant has completed an approved Part-147 course relevant to the category extension according to Appendix IV of Part-66.

See Part-66.A.15.10, 66.A.25, 66.A.30 and related AMC/GM.


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I already hold a Part-66 licence and I would like to include an additional basic (sub)category? Which additional (sub)modules are required to be passed for the addition of that new (sub)category?

According to 66.B.100(b), the competent authority shall verify that all required modules of Appendix I to Part-66 related to that new (sub)category sought are met. Credit can be granted as regards to the basic knowledge of the (sub)category for which the licence has been already issued.

This means that a comparison of the basic knowledge (gap analysis) will have to be done between the different (sub)categories. Such a comparison has not been yet done once and for all in Commission Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014 due to the different potential cases (wide diversity of (sub)categories).

Therefore such a comparison should be done by the Member State that has already issued the Part-66 licence, before the applicant is enrolled in such a “gap” basic knowledge course.

Please contact your competent authority, which may have already performed this comparison. Some competent authorities may have already posted such comparison(s) on their websites; however be sure that the comparison relevant to your case is acceptable to the competent authority who issued your licence.

In addition the applicant will have to comply with the additional experience requirements for the new (sub)category sought, as detailed in Appendix IV to Part-66.


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