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Taking Advantage of Technology – Developing IFR Procedures for the GA Community

The General Aviation (GA) community undertakes millions of flights with aircraft equipped with GNSS-receivers without using the full capabilities of this new technology.  Within the GA Roadmap, EASA has a strategic objective to increase and facilitate Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) operations for GA pilot with a final objective of enhancing the safety of operations. 

Exploring and applying the possibilities of this existing technology in our GA fleet is therefore a logical step forward. 

In a Together4Safety collaborative effort the European GNSS Agency (GSA) in close cooperation with EASA and other organisations have developed a document to develop IFR procedures for GA, even when the ground infrastructure might not be present at the aerodrome.  It provides theoretical examples of applying an available solution to perform instrument approaches at locations that are currently VFR-only in a safe and effective way.  

The documet will be of interest to GA pilots, ANSP and NAA alike and provides a great starting point on making the best use of new technologies.  These types of approach would enable GA pilots to plan A-to-B flights with more confidence of being able to complete it as an instrument flight procedure in changing weather conditions, which would have a positive impact on safety.