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UAS Standards

In 2019 the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) funded the AW-Drone project with the aim to contribute to the safe use of UASs by supporting the on-going EU regulatory process for the identification of technical standards and procedures. The assessment provided by the AW-Drones project did not include the assessment of the technical content to determine whether the standards are adequate to meet the safety objective of the provisions of the related regulations. 

This research tender should focus on the technical assessment of these standards listed in the URDP and recommended by the AW Droned project and new standards introduced by the EUSCG, as part of its regular update. Moreover this research should identify potential new standards, in addition to those listed in the U-RDP, to show compliance with chapters 2, 3, and 4 and Annex 3 to the U-space Regulation, assess the standards and provide a recommendation to EASA on their acceptability as means of compliance.

For all information and status on the call for tender related to the project, please visit EASA.2020.HVP.22.