Europe and US discuss future of aviation safety

More than 350 high-level aviation experts from all over the world have come together in Cologne, Germany, to discuss future trends in aviation safety.
The 2005 Europe-US International Aviation Safety Conference from 7-9 June is jointly organised by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) and by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the US.
Under the title 'Aviation Safety Regulation - Setting the Sights for the Future', this year's conference which is hosted by EASA will focus on bilateral agreements and future regulation in aviation safety. Representatives from industry have been invited to give presentations on innovative aircraft design and future technologies.
Opening the conference, Patrick Goudou, Executive Director of EASA, said: "Our mission is to set and achieve the highest common standards of safety and environmental protection in civil aviation. I am confident we can achieve our goals through international co-operation and a strong partnership with the United States in particular".
The Europe-US Aviation Safety Conference has been taking place for 50 years to promote co-operation and mutual recognition of safety standards. The venue of next year's conference in the US will be announced in Cologne.
At a reception hosted this evening by the Mayor of Cologne, Mr Fritz Schramma, the Directors of the FAA, JAA and EASA will sign the 'Golden Book' of the city.

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