EASA after two years of operation: reaching cruise level

The European Aviation Safety Agency became operational on 28th September 2003. Two years on, Patrick Goudou, Executive Director, reflects on the Agency's activities.
Back in 2003, the European Aviation Safety Agency consisted of 10 staff. Today, 150 experts are working in the headquarters in Cologne. I can only say that, thanks to the strong support of the European Institutions, the National Aviation Authorities, the Central Joint Aviation Authorities and industry, we have managed to meet our deadlines.
To highlight just a few milestones and figures:

  • 20,000 certificates have been issued since the Agency started operations.
  • Standardisation inspections of Member States have been reinforced.
  • Working arrangements have been concluded with Brazil, Canada, China, Israel, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
  • A privileged partnership has been established with the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • The 'Fees and Charges' regulation was adopted by the European Commission and is now implemented by the Agency.

Although we experienced some minor turbulence here and there, the picture is altogether positive. There remains a lot on our plate. The recent accidents sadly remind that we have to work even harder to establish and maintain a high and uniform level of civil aviation safety and environmental compatibility in Europe.
In this context, and with the support of all partners, we will expand our scope of competences, first to flight crew licensing, air operations and third country aircraft and later to airport operations and air traffic control. And thus, ultimately realising the vision of "a safe and sustainable aviation system for Europe".

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