Agency Environment Week: 5-9 December 2005

The European Aviation Safety Agency launches today its Environment Week to celebrate the International Civil Aviation Day (December 7th) on the theme "Greening of Flight".

"We are green by design" said Patrick Goudou, Executive Director in his opening address "as environmental protection is built into our legal basis and is an integral part of our mandate".
"Further", he added, "we are convinced that environmental compatibility shall be addressed as early as possible during the life cycle of the aircraft and aeronautical products i.e. at the design phase."
In the area of environmental protection, the Agency focus is on aircraft noise and aircraft engine emissions, its main objectives being to:

  • ensure that products parts and appliances that fall within its remit comply with the applicable requirements for environmental protection;
  • issue the appropriate environmental certificates (i.e. the type-certificate data sheets for noise)
  • maintain and update the regulations and certification specifications in the field of environmental protection; and to
  • provide assistance and expert advice on environmental issue.

An exhibition, held on the premises of the Agency, features presentations, posters and videos to raise awareness and promote the work of the Agency in this area.
More detailed information on EASA and environment protection has been published on the Agency’s web site.

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