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Agency certifies first fly-by-wire business jet - Falcon 7X also approved by US Federal Aviation Administration

The European AviationSafety Agency (EASA) issued today its type certification for Dassault Aviation’s new business jet, the Falcon 7X, in a hand-over ceremony in Bordeaux– Mérignac, France.
The Falcon 7X is thefirst fly-by-wire business jet, also equipped with an "EASy" flight deck andadvanced integrated avionics. The three-engine Falcon 7X is certified to carryup to 19 passengers at0.9 Mach.
"An important taskof the Agency is to promote innovation in civil aviation, in order to make iteven safer and more environmentally friendly", said Patrick Goudou, ExecutiveDirector of EASA. "The certification of the Falcon 7X is an important projectfor the Agency also in this respect". 
The certificationprocess for the Falcon 7X began in 2002 within the Joint Aviation Authorities(JAA) and was taken over by the Agency in2006. A team of 33 certificationspecialists headed by the Agency have scrutinised the aircraft’s design toensure that it complies with European safety and environmental standards.
The EASA “TypeCertificate” is valid throughout the European Union, as well as in Switzerland, Norway,Iceland and Liechtenstein,where the Falcon 7X can now be legally registered and operated. At the sametime, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued its “validation” ofthe EASA certification for the USmarket.