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Introduction to Impact Assessment (IA)
1-day classroom course at EASA headquarters in Cologne

The overall objective of this training is to provide Regulation Officers and Authority personnel with essential knowledge about:

  • The purpose of Impact Assessments at EU level;
  • The application of Impact Assessments (IAs) in EASA;
  • The way how Regulation Officers can develop IAs.

 The training covers specific horizontal expertise which is an integral part of the rulemaking process. Examples and hand-on exercises (e.g. designing problem trees) will be provided. 
Best Intervention Strategy (BIS)
half-day classroom course at EASA headquarters in Cologne

The BIS report is a fundamental document in the programming cycle as it assesses the level of criticality of an issue and identify the best intervention strategy with relevant actions proposed for the European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS). The BIS report is becoming more and more important and it is the main repository of the analysis of impacts.

How to enroll
Fill in the application form and submit it to TT [at] Your application will be processed in due course and you will receive an automated course confirmation upon registration. 

A comprehensive course catalogue is available on the EASA Learning Gateway (ELG) for Aviation Authorities and Aviation Organisations. For any additional information please TT [at] (contact us).