Join us for - Hydrogen Storage Safety training !

Hydrogen Storage Safety
2-day classroom course, 26- 27 November 2019 at EASA headquarters in Cologne

The aim of this 2 days’ training course is to gain knowledge on technologies used to store hydrogen during transportation and in stock locations and the associated safety cases. The training will deal with safety cases specific to aviation. This will enable the participants to develop the competencies necessary for assessing the proposed hydrogen storage methodologies by the applicants and their compliance demonstration.

Key topics:

  • How hydrogen is and could be used in aviation;
  • Chemical properties;
  • Advantages compared with its competitors;
  • Technical challenges;
  • Understanding of the hazards involved;
  • Safety impact comparison between hydrogen and other alternative carbon-based fuels;
  • Minimisation of the risks;
  • Health hazards.

How to enroll
Fill in the application form and submit it to TT [at] easa [dot] europa [dot] eu. Your application will be processed in due course and you will receive an automated course confirmation upon registration. 

For any additional information please TT [at] easa [dot] europa [dot] eu (contact us).

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