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How did the major aviation domains perform? – EASA Annual Safety Review 2018 now available

The Annual Safety Review 2018 presents analyses and domain-specific safety risk portfolios that support the data-driven decisions taken in formulating the European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS).

This edition provides safety risk portfolios in 11 aviation domains and builds on the work of previous years. In fueling EASA’s European Safety Risk Management Process with valuable input from the Network of Analysts (NoA) and Collaborative Analysis Groups (CAGs), the analysis in this year’s review provides not just a statistical summary of aviation safety in the EASA Member States (MS) but also identifies the most important safety challenges facing European aviation today.

The analysis drives the development of safety actions for the EPAS and harnesses the experience of both the EASA Member States (EASA MS) and industry to connect the data with the current and future priorities of the Agency.