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Dangerous Goods in General Aviation

The GA safety strategy demands a more proportionate regulatory framework for the operation of General Aviation sector in Europe. In this context, the GA community came together in 2013 to identify issues that have a significant impact on their activity. They established a common list known as the ‘GA community projects/proposals’ and delivered this to Agency at the end of 2013. The Agency fostered a new collaboration with all partners - the GA community, European Commission and the Member States – and seeked for integrated solutions to increase the probability of acceptance of the results.  Many of the issues have already been addressed, while others are in the pipeline. The Dangerous Goods (DG) case is a good example where the Agency worked closely with Member States DG experts and the GA community to design a simpler approach towards the GA sector. To this end, a proposal for a simplification of the DG requirements in Part NCO has been integrated in the PBN opinion. Focus will be placed on raising DG awareness among GA pilots by means of safety promotion initiatives, to be undertaken by the NAAs. The PBN opinion is available at