Workshop on Vertical Take Off and Landing

Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft are currently under extensive development. Many projects are in design or experimental phases worldwide, and several applications have been made to authorities seeking type certification within a demanding schedule.

EASA is developing a VTOL Special Condition (SC), composed of elements taken from CS-23 Amdt. 5, transposed parts from CS-27 as well as new parts, aiming at addressing particularities of this new aircraft category using lift/thrust units to generate powered lift and control. Following an objective-based approach to the best extent, while also offering a certain degree of proportionality, the VTOL SC is expected to be published mid-2019.

To provide the related guidance to applicants, EASA seeks to have industry standards established, ensuring appropriate participation of European experts to standard development. A stepwise approach addressing the most important Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) with a potentially strong impact on the design is considered for this.

EASA and EUROCAE are jointly organizing a workshop to discuss current activities, identify and prioritize standardization needs with key stakeholders from industry, airspace users, Member States, European institutions, academia.

The VTOL Workshop will be held on 06 June 2019, at the EUROCAE premises, 9-23 rue Paul Lafargue, "Le Triangle" building, 93200 Saint-Denis, France.

Further information on the workshop is available at the EUROCAE website.

If you wish to participate, please please fill out the registration form  before 17 May 2019. As places are limited, successful registration will be confirmed by email after 17 May.