Workshop on NPA 2019-09 Helicopter and SPO all weather operations (RMT.0379)

way forward following the comments received to NPA 2019-09

Date & time
27/11/2019, 13:00 to 28/11/2019, 17:00

RMT .0379 is dealing with  ALL WEATHER OPERATIONS. 

This RMT had published NPA 2018-06 to address commercial air transport (CAT) and non-commercial complex operations (NCC) with aeroplanes, addressing essentially operations with RVRs lower than 550m.  

Following this initial piece of work, the scope of all weather operations was extended to non-precision approaches, low level route networks and low visibility operations outside runways. This extension in scope led the way to the publication of the helicopter and specialised operations (SPO ) NPA, on 12 September 2019. 

The deadline for commenting this NPA was 15 November 2019. 

EASA received 225 comments from 25 different commenters. 

Aim of the workshop 
The aim of the workshop is to discuss the way forward, following the comments received to NPA 2019-09. The comments have been clustered into topics, which are reflected in the agenda. 

Members of EASA advisory bodies are kindly invited to participate.  

The Agenda is anticipated to cover at least the following topics:

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Threshold for SPA.LVO approvals
  • Airborne radar approaches to the coastline (ARA – L)
  • Stand alone GNSS for both destination and alternate 
  • Point in Space approaches with instructions to proceed VFR
  • NVIS
  • Ceiling vs cloud base for offshore operations (HOFO) 
  • Take – off minima
  • Approach bans 
  • Helicopter operations with operating minima lower than cat I

Planned meeting documents
All relevant documents will be sent by email to participants and advisory bodies before the meeting. There will be no hardcopies handed out during the meeting.

By invitation only. Registration is closed.

Cancellation of registration
If you have registered for the workshop and, for whatever reasons, you are not planning to eventually attend the workshop, please inform EASA as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to the following address:
Air_ops [at] easa [dot] europa [dot] eu

Accommodation and travel arrangements
Participants need to take care of their accommodation and travel arrangements themselves.
The lunch breaks are to be covered on your personal expense.

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