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NPA 2016-09 ‘Requirements for Air Traffic Services’ Consultation Workshop


The objective of Rulemaking Task RMT.0464 is to harmonise the provision of Air Traffic Services throughout the Union and, consequently, to maintain a high and uniform level of safety in aviation.

As an important milestone of this regulatory activity, on 16 September 2016 the Agency has published NPA 2016-09, proposing a comprehensive set of measures (IRs, AMC and GM) to address the provision of Air Traffic Services in the EU; the large majority of these measures is based on the applicable ICAO provisions, in particular those in Annex 11 and PANS ATM, adapted to the EU legislative system and conventions.

As an innovation, the NPA includes also a set of high-level requirements for the provision of Aerodrome Flight Information Service (AFIS), which is not explicitly addressed within the current ICAO framework.

The public consultation for NPA 2016-09, which is available here and is open until 16 January 2017 28 February 2017.

Aim of the Consultation Workshop

The Consultation Workshop on NPA 2016-09 ‘Requirements for Air Traffic Services’ will be held on 30 November from 09.00 to 17.30.

The aims of the workshop are that:

  • stakeholders are informed about the objectives of RMT.0464 ‘ATS requirements’;
  • stakeholders are informed about the regulatory proposal published with NPA 2016-09;
  • EASA provides clarification on the content of NPA 2016-09, as requested by stakeholders.

Target audience

The workshop is addressed to members of the EASA advisory bodies, employees of competent authorities and of the industry, and representatives of interest groups involved with ATS provision from the following domains:

  • Air operations and flight crew training
  • General Aviation
  • Aerodrome design and operations


The Agenda is anticipated to cover at least the following topics:

  • Regulatory background
  • RMT.0464 objectives & tasks
  • Presentation of the proposed ATS requirements
  • Focus on AFIS requirements
  • Open discussion

Planned meeting documents

All relevant documents will be uploaded at the events webpage before the meeting.

There will be no hardcopies handed out during the meeting.


Participation to the workshop requires advance registration, open until Friday 18 November 2016. Confirmation of registration will be required to ensure your participation. Due to the restricted availability of places, the Agency reserves the right to accept only limited number of participants per organisation.

For registration, please complete the registration form(available below) and submit it via e-mail to: manuel.estrada [at] (Manuel ESTRADA)

Advanced questions on the content of the NPA may be sent to the Agency by filling the reserved field in the registration form, and will be answered during the Workshop.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation notifications must be sent as soon as possible in writing to: manuel.estrada [at] (Manuel ESTRADA)

Accommodation and travel arrangements

Participants need to take care of their accommodation and travel arrangements themselves.

Corporate hotel rates for EASA visitors

EASA will provide a meeting venue and catering (coffee breaks). The lunch breaks are to be covered on your personal expense.