MAB SG 02-2019

Meeting of the EASA Member States’ Advisory Body


The MAB Strategy Group can be tasked by the Agency or the MAB to work or provide advice on the following:

  • Support the preparation and prioritisation of MAB agenda items, as required;
  • Inform the Agency and the MAB on national strategic developments which may impact the European aviation system;
  • Advise the Agency and the MAB on emerging issues, assist the Agency in assessing their effect on the EU aviation system, and contribute to defining a common policy and strategies to address them;
  • Identify strategic priorities and actions for the EPAS and advise the Agency and the MAB on interdependencies with ICAO's Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASeP), Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP), Global Aviation Security Plan (GASP) and other relevant ICAO or third country initiatives;
  • Contribute to the development of monitoring and evaluation schemes to determine the effectiveness of rulemaking, safety promotion, oversight, standardisation, international cooperation or training activities;
  • Prepare a common position for endorsement by the MAB on items raised by TeBs, as required;
  • Provide feedback to EASA and the MAB on strategies and policies;
  • Assist the Agency in monitoring the functioning of the MS Advisory Bodies structure and propose adaptations, as necessary.

The meeting is only open to the members and alternates of the MAB SG.

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