The implementation of the Safety Management System for Aero-Medical centres

Start time - End time: 08:30 - 17:00

Safety Management System (SMS) is intended to mitigate the organisational risks in aero-medical centres (AeMCs). The SMS allows taking a proactive approach to safety by identifying some of the causal factors and taking action before a safety critical event might occur. An actively managed SMS helps to have a greater understanding of the hazards and management of associated risks. These hazards and risks can have a severe impact on the performance of the individuals (holders of the medical certificates) as well as to the AeMC in terms of financial cost and reputation. An effective SMS allows the safety hazards and risks to be identified, assessed and prioritised so that appropriate mitigation measures can be put in place to reduce these to an acceptable level.
The scope of the workshop include the following:
  • The concept of safety management;
  • The regulatory framework to ensure efficient implementation of SMS;
  • SMS processes specific to an AeMC;
  • AeMC initial certification process;
  • Proportionality and safety management system dimensioning;
  • Envisaging, developing, implementing and improving safety management system in an AeMC;
  • Practical implementation aspects of the safety management system within AeMCs.
The aim of this workshop is to present guidance on development, implementation and oversight of SMS in AeMCs for the medical assessors and heads of AeMCs. 
Registration details
Please note that our limited room capacity and access policy at the EASA Headquarters does not enable to accept registration after 1st of October 2019 or beyond 90 participants. 
The registration of the nominations will be on first come first served basis. We also kindly remind you that any expenses arising as a result of this meeting are not subject to reimbursement by EASA.
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