Environmental Label Programme – Stakeholders Workshop

Aviation is increasingly challenged from an environmental performance and sustainability perspective (IPCC Report, “Fridays for future”, “Flygsham”).
Citizens receive very little information on the actual aviation environmental performance. Furthermore, the information provided is frequently inconsistent and contradictory, as many measures and calculation methods exist.

Passengers, general public and people around airports should be provided with visual, relevant, consistent and up-to-date information on aviation environmental performance.
It will help to increase transparency and help passengers to make more informed choices.

As shown in other industries, an environmental label is an effective tool for communicating environmental performance.
To develop the concept EASA engaged with Member States, Industry and NGOs.

The label will initially focus on the performance of aircraft technology and may later be expanded to look at other aspects, like the overall CO2 performance, airlines, airports or the use of sustainable aviation fuels.

This technical workshop will provide information and allow for discussions about the rationale, metrics, graphical concepts and communication elements around environmental labelling for aviation. Interventions will be from Member States, Industry and NGOs.


The meeting is open only to MAB and SAB members/alternates/observers and NGOs.

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