Business Jets Workshop

New dates

Date & time

Day 1: 03/12/2019, 09:00 - 18:00
Day 2: 04/12/2019, 09:00 - 12:00


This workshop is dedicated to the discussion between the Business Aviation Industry and Aviation Authorities, with particular focus on Business Jets’ world, Regulators’ achievements and ongoing activities to support Industry and Manufacturers' expectations for their projects in the coming years.

Target Audience

  • Business Jets Manufacturers/Type Certificate Holders
  • National Authorities involved in the Certification and Operations
  • Main associations involved in the Business Jets’ World

Current agenda items

CT 2020 Reorganization
Overview of the Certification Directorate reorganization in EASA to better suits the Business Jets

Risk Based Approach

Low Visibility Operations
Update on EASA CS-AWO regulation, with focus on EFVS Certification, Ops and Aerodromes aspects. 

Cockpit door
Information session on the new reinforced cockpit requirements specific for Business Jets  

Non-commercially operated aeroplanes and low-occupancy aeroplanes
Information and clarification session on the CS-25 Appendix S

Extended Range Operations
Clarifications on the latest update on ETOPS requirements

Flight Crew Alerting 
Clarifications on the requirement CS-25.1322.  

Human Factors
Update on the HF activities linked to CS-25.1302 & .1309

Part 26 - (EU) 2015/640 (as amended)
General update and information session on Part 26 regulation.

Ban of Halon in Fire Extinguish Systems 
Clarification and information session on the different regulations impacting the use of Halon.

Landing Distance Computation at time of Arrival 
Update on the NPA 2016/11 rulemaking progress

Non-installed Equipment
Update on the new Basic Regulation requirements linked to Non-installed Equipment and the EASA vision on its on implementation

… We encourage Industry to propose additional topics to be included in the Agenda!

A more detailed agenda will be published in the next days.


This event is now open for registration.

It will be necessary for all attendees to register for security purposes.
Meeting room space will limit the number of attendees, therefore, a strict “first come – first served” process will operate.

In order to register, please follow the instructions in the mask below.
If you are not a presenter, an administrative fee of 120 EUR will be charged for the participation to the workshop. This fee will cover the meeting room and catering costs. 
Registration will be open until 29 November 2019. 


Note: EASA will not issue any invoices for conference fees. However, the system will send automatic payment receipts. If payment via bank transfer is selected, please ensure to arrange payment to doo GmbH (NOT EASA directly) as indicted in the confirmation email you will receive once registered. Doo GmbH is taking care of the conference payments on behalf of EASA.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations shall be made in writing until two weeks before the start of the conference to GADadmin [at] easa [dot] europa [dot] eu. A 25% non-refundable administrative fee per cancelled registration will incur.  
Delegates who request a cancellation 13 days or less before the start of the conference or delegates who fail to attend the event without prior notice are liable for the full attendance fee. 
The attendance fee will not be prorated should delegates not attend the entire event.

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