COVID-19 travel planning information

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EASA is receiving many requests from passengers who want to plan travel and need more information about travel restrictions and border formalities in the light of COVID-19. EASA is not responsible for setting these rules: this is a matter for national authorities. However we are aware of several web pages which aim to give an overview of the current situation which may be helpful for planning purposes*.

Selected resources offering COVID-19 related travel information can be found on ‘COVID-19 Travel Information’.  

As specified in the EASA/ECDC Aviation Health Safety Protocol, passengers must at all times take personal responsibility for minimising the spread of COVID-19 during the travel process. This includes contacting your airline and not even travelling to the airport if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. 
More information to help you travel safely is available on ‘Passenger travel guidance – COVID-19’ and we have compiled a number of ‘FAQs’ for passengers.

* Please note that EASA cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information on any of these pages. In all cases, you should check the advice provided by the national authorities in your departure and destination countries, as well as any transit locations, before booking your travel.