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Organisation Approvals

EASA Organisations

What kind of Organisations are we talking about?

In Europe - all Design organisations are certified by EASA.

  • European design products such as small and large aeroplanes, engines, small rotorcraft, sailplanes, etc.

All other European Aviation organisations are approved and checked by the National Aviation Authority responsible. 

Outside Europe - all organisations in so called Third Countries

The total number of organisations that applied for and received an EASA approval is increasing steadily from year to year.

Production Organisations

  • manufacture aircraft parts and appliances 

Continuing Airworthiness Organisations

  • ensure that, at all times in its operating life, the aircraft complies with the airworthiness requirements in force and is in a condition for safe operation

Aircrew Training Organisations & Aero-Medical centres

  • manage all applications for approval of Pilot Training Organisations and Aero-Medical Centres

Flight Simulation Training Devices, operators and training centres

  • offer training to pilots / crew

Air Traffic Management / Navigation service providers & Air Traffic Controllers Training Organisations

  • provide air traffic management, air navigation services, other network functions and training of air traffic controllers

Organisations have to demonstrate that they are competent and follow all rules and standards before they get an EASA approval.

They are continuously monitored in order to ensure that they remain safe and can keep their approval status.