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EASA Safety Airlines

Safe operations of EU airlines

EASA sets the safety standards that apply to EU airlines, as the basis to achieve the highest levels of safety - to the benefit of all EU citizens. EASA also continuously monitors, through its standardisation inspections, that such standards are complied with. 

Safe operations of foreign (non-EU) airlines

EASA monitors the compliance with the applicable international safety standards of all non-EU airlines that transport passengers from/to the EU, or within the EU. When they comply with such standards, EASA issues them a TCO (Third Country Operator) authorisation.

Ramp inspections

EASA manages an EU Programme where inspectors perform “spot checks” on aeroplanes while they are parked at the airport between two flights. Such inspections (more than 12.000 every year!) complement the regular oversight performed by EASA and the national competent authorities.

The EU Air Safety List

EASA supports the European Commission in managing a list of airlines that do not comply with the applicable standards, and are therefore subject to a complete or a partial operating ban within the EU. The List is regularly updated and it is published on the European Commission’s website. 

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