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What are the plans of EASA concerning the Continuing Airworthiness of aircraft operated under the new Part-DTO (Annex VIII to Reg. (EU) No 1178/2011 as amended)?


Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 was amended in July 2018 to introduce Part-DTO as regards to declared training organisations (ref. Reg. (EU) 2018/1119). This amendment of Aircrew Regulation requires also an amendment of Part-M, which has not been adopted to date but will be reflected in the next amendment of Reg. (EU) 1321/2014.
The intent is to specify that commercial training organisations, whether ATO or DTO, will have the same Continuing Airworthiness obligations.

This amendment of Part-M will, in particular, clarify the following:

  Complex motor-powered aircraft                                             Other than complex motor-powered aircraft                                              

Commercial DTO             

M.A.201(f) applicable
CAMO required
M.A.201(h) applicable
CAMO* is required
Non-commercial DTO                 M.A.201(g) applicable
CAMO required
M.A.201(i) applicable
CAMO* not required

NOTE: With adoption of Part-ML (Opinion 05/2016), CAMO* will not be required for organisations that operate Part-ML aircraft under Part-NCO. That means any DTO organisation operating Part-ML aircraft under Part-NCO will not be required to contract (or be approved as) a CAMO*.

* or CAO organisation with continuing airworthiness management privilege, once Opinion 05/2016 is adopted

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