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FAQ n.47411

EASA STC’s being presented for approval when the pre-mod configuration is not EASA approved. What are EASA changes embedded in Non-EASA approved design?


  • 21.A.101 and 21.A.103 require that the changed product meets the applicable certification basis. Therefore the change for which EASA has received an application needs to be demonstrated compliant to the EASA certification basis on product level. It is not sufficient to demonstrate compliance on change level only.
  • The change, applied for EASA approval, must include all affected parts of the non-approved change that builds the interface to the EASA approved product and all affected compliance demonstration (influences on the product and the non-approved interface change).
  • A limitation is likely to be necessary that the STC cannot be installed on an EASA registered product as long as the interface change is not yet EASA approved.



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