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Can a Canadian applicant use the EASA Applicant Portal?


The new EASA portal was introduced under TIP Rev. 2. It is an alternative to the previous procedure of having to use MS-Word forms when submitting applications for design approval to EASA. The applicable TIP provision citing use of the Application portal is provided below:

2.3.1 Submission of an Application

(i) For EASA: Application Forms

Questions have been raised, suggesting the new on-line portal deviates from the TIP procedures that requires TCCA office submit the application to EASA. Use of the new EASA Application portal puts the applicant directly “submitting” an application before TCCA has the chance to review and endorse such application.

You will find below an illustration explaining the process and sequence of the new portal. The use of the new portal (which is an on-line application) replaces the previous filling of MS-Word form. Once the on-line application is filed, the Canadian applicant will receive an acknowledgement message that an application has been filled. This on-line application will not be processed yet nor validated outright. It simply logs it, and is held pending until such time TCCA has reviewed the application and provided EASA with a forwarding letter.

The EASA Applicant Portal is currently set up to provide the applicant only with an acknowledgement message, and not the TCCA. As can be seen in the illustration, it is incumbent on the Canadian applicant to actually notify TCCA of their EASA application by providing the Applicant Data Summary (FO.APMAN.00046) to TCCA. Once notified by the applicant themselves, TCCA can initiate the review of their submission and only then can TCCA provide EASA with the required forwarding letter.

Once EASA receives the TCCA forwarding letter, which confirms TCCA has conducted their review of the application, only then will EASA perform their full eligibility check of the application, and once eligible the EASA task number is assigned and the technical checks and investigation started.

The EASA Portal guide can be accessed at the following link: EASA Portal guide

If a Canadian applicant elects to use the MS-Word forms, the forms cannot be electronically submitted via the portal. The MS-Word forms have to be filled by the applicant and a copy submitted to TCCA, who in turn will file the application to EASA. While the MS-Word Forms are still acceptable, EASA prefers the transition to using the on-line application portal due to the efficiencies brought to the process (drop down boxes ensure the correctness of Applicant information, EASA product list, etc.).

The new Applicant Portal requires our applicant to notify TCCA that they have filed an application to EASA that without such notification, their application will not be processed further by EASA.
The overall application process to EASA under the TIP remains essentially the same.



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