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I am a BASA applicant (US/CAN/BRAZIL), how do I use the EASA Applicant Portal?


The bilateral applicant will complete the application data in the Applicant Portal and press “Submit”.

The Applicant Portal will send an email to the applicant with the application data summary document (Application Acknowledgement, FO.APMAN.00046) attached to it.

The applicant forwards the document to their National Aviation Authority in lieu of a completed EASA application form.

Meanwhile, EASA will change the application status in the Applicant Portal to “Waiting for FWD Letter – Eligibility Check” .

The National Aviation Authority reviews the application and forwards it together with the forwarding letter to EASA.

EASA performs the full eligibility check and, if applicable, changes the application status in the Applicant Portal to “Registered”. 

The technical checks and investigation can start upon formal EASA acceptance.


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